Teresa Leo

Virtually, Paris

"Virtually, Paris" is a short, educational film by David Deifer and Teresa Leo on literary magazine publishing in the electronic age, which was presented at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs annual conference in 1999, 2001, and 2002. It was geared toward editors of printed literary magazines who wanted to learn more about the advantages and issues surrounding electronic, web-based publishing. 

The film was shot in 1998-99, when many traditional print journals still did not have a presence on the web. Some of the information in the film is now dated, but was current at the time of filming.

The story

How hard is it to find the current issue of the Paris Review in a bookstore in Philadelphia? Very hard! The filmmakers look for this elusive magazine and also investigate the overall selection of literary journals in bookstores and libraries in Philadelphia. 

The film also follows the publication process (from manuscript to press) of two literary journals, a printed magazine and an electronic, web-based magazine.  It chronicles some of the filmmakers' more amusing (and yet true) production experiences — including getting manuscripts, logging and tracking submissions, answering query letters, typesetting an issue, proofreading galleys, printing/publishing, and distribution.  The film covers issues such as costs, staffing, reaching readers, and the time constraints of the production process.

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