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GPS for love?
Finding one's way in the ways of love - Philadelphia Inquirer - 2/14/07

Which way to the nearest exit?

Grief and Inspiration - Philadelphia Inquirer - 9/11/06

A walk around Ground Zero on the fifth anniversary of 9/11

The artists' colony
An artist's retreat fit for Thoreau - Philadelphia Inquirer - 8/22/06

Why Thoreau and I both went to the woods

Deep meaning or just demeaning - Philadelphia Inquirer - 4/4/06

Larry the Cable Guy, pulled pork barbecue, and that pesky phrase I can't stop saying

What's love got to do with it?
At times, love needs a little help - Philadelphia Inquirer - 2/14/06

What ship are you on?

Vietnam 2000
Where Coke and Michael Jackson meet Ho Chi Minh - Philadelphia Inquirer - 4/30/00

Forget the Cold War; in Vietnam, it's the Cola War

Rent increase = eviction notice
Home sweet home - Philadelphia City Paper - 1/4/99

Floods, pigeons & squirrels or: how I loved my apartment - let me count the ways

Pigeon shoot
In Hegins, questioning small-town traditions - Philadelphia Inquirer - 9/10/98

Watching birds get blasted during the 65th annual pigeon shoot

Baby boomers
Still trying to live up to the ideals - Philadelphia Inquirer - 4/26/98

Trying to find a baby boomer who "sums up his generation"

The automotive superstore
Vandalized and scandalized - Philadelphia Inquirer - 10/29/97

What happens when you have car trouble, you're female, and you have to get stuff fixed

Bar Talk commentaries

The following commentaries were part of my "Bar Talk" column that ran on the Philadelphia Inquirer's Commentary page from 1999-2000. The tag for this column was "sober opinions heard at local refreshment spots," and the idea was to visit two to three bars with a tape recorder and questions about a topic of local or national interest. The thought was that people would be pretty open to giving their opinions in such a "relaxed" atmosphere. They were.

Pick-up lines
Picking up on the lingo exchanged over a beer at the local taproom - 1/9/99

The Barn, Scarlet D, The Lift Inn, Mazz's

Clinton's impeachment
Bored with Clinton's impeachment, the pub set is ready for U.S. to move on - 2/12/99

Finnigan's Wake, The Khyber, Valley Forge Brewing Co.

Wondering where those taxes go: Social contracts meet pierced tongues - over a beer - 4/3/99

Doobies, Fergie's Pub

Duke's birthday
The elegance of Duke Ellington - 4/29/99

The Five Spot, Ortlieb's Jazz Haus, Bob & Barbara's

College senior pub crawl
Lessons of Penn: Promise, possibilities and cheap pasta - 6/6/99

Doc Watson's, Irish Pub, McGlinchey's

Poets on Philly
In a gathering of writers, waxing poetic about days in Philadelphia - 8/7/99

Omni Hotel bar, Albany, NY

Sex in the movies
In movies, sex scenes no reflection of real life - 10/2/99

Lucy's Hat Shop, 700

The arts in Philly
Art and Phila.: The energy and attitude are everywhere - 11/20/99

Fergie's Pub, Mermaid Inn

Millennial musings
Deep pondering for the new era: Teleporters, Barry White, snow globes and positive vision - 1/1/00

Space, Lena, Strike II Tavern

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